1:1 Mentoring with Jen

Hello. I’m Jen Miller, Your Consciousness Mentor. It’s a pleasure to meet you. If you found yourself reading this page you desire some 1:1 mentoring. Among Jen Miller Coaching, mentoring is the same as coaching. My role is to invite you towards a different and more loving you and determine the most expansive mentoring experience. 

1:1 Mentoring Information

  • The mentoring sessions include Neville Goddard’s teachings, Jen’s expertise, simplicity, and unique perspective, as well as opportunities for practical application of The Law.

  • To ensure maximum clarity, each 1:1 Mentoring Session will cover a specific topic.  Every participant is required to fill out a 1:1 Mentoring Session Form with valuable information for Jen to become familiar with the discussion topic 24 hours before mentoring session.

  • 1:1 Mentoring Sessions will be recorded and conducted via Zoom. A recording will be sent to you 24 hours following the conclusion of the call. Jen prefers to be on Zoom video and will suggest the same for you. If video is uncomfortable for you, she is respectful of your decision to be on audio only. The decision is always yours.

  • Upon the conclusion of each 1:1 Mentoring Session you will have a 7 day follow up period to ask questions and/or gain clarity on your last/previous mentoring session. Note: These 7 days are not to discuss a new topic.

  • ABSOLUTELY NO REFUND POLICY. Any calls canceled less than 24 hours before the scheduled call by participants or NO SHOWS will be null and void. You may reschedule at least 24 hours before the scheduled session through a rescheduling link on the Calendly Confirmation email you received.

  • Results based on a mentoring experience are not guaranteed. Reminder: You are the Operant Power who must apply the techniques of The Law of Assumption Lifestyle.

  • Jen’s role as Your Consciousness Mentor is to shorten the learning curve of The Law of Assumption so you can experience the fastest, consistent, direct and most LOVING way to your DESIRES.

“God never creates a desire in the human heart that he has not already provided its satisfaction.”

“Feel Deeply” by Neville Goddard, May 30, 1969

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Solo 1:1 60 min Mentoring Session with Jen

Intro to Self Package: 2 – 1:1 60 min Mentoring Sessions with Jen
Momentum Package: 4 – 1:1 60 min Mentoring Sessions with Jen
Consistency Package: 6 – 1:1 60 min Mentoring Sessions with Jen
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