Hello, I’m Jen Miller, Your Conscious Mentor

It is a pleasure to meet your friend, and I appreciate you being curious and eager to explore. I am Jen Miller, Your Conscious Mentor.

After years of working in public education, I decided to start my own business, ADHD Success, LLC. Originally, I wanted to help ADHD women gain greater control over their lives.

I noticed something burning even deeper inside of me as I navigated life, business, and noticed the women I was working with. There was a hunger to discover “Who I am! Who am I?”

Vanessa was my business mentor during this time. I remember Vanessa saying to me a few years ago,

“Jen, I know why you struggle!”
“Please enlighten me,” I replied.
“Jen, you’re not living in the end. You’re stuck in a middle somewhere, which is showing up as your end.”
“Vanessa, I don’t even know what you’re talking about or what you mean!” I said in a bewildered voice.

Vanessa shared with me a Neville book with a compilation of Neville lectures and his 1948 Core lecture series. After purchasing the book, I read it immediately after receiving it.

Through my dear friend’s lectures, I became aware of “Awareness” on an entirely new level. Despite knowing about it since I was a kid, everyone I talked to told me to go back to traditional church to “believe and pray to God as they pointed up to the sky.” I new this perspective wasn’t accurate. UPon reading Neville, I now discovered a resource that shared the truth of awareness and the truth of I Am.

Since 2020, I’ve been a Neville Goddard coach/mentor for curious men and women around the world. Here’s my personal invitation to stay in touch. Feel free to navigate this website as you desire. Among Neville’s resources you will find different ways to work with me. I am a strong believer in what I assume to be true is what I will actually experience.

Along with my simple approach of The Law of Assumption, I explore “Simple Conscious Living” through the teachings of Neville Goddard. As part of my exploration approach, I seek out men and women who want to learn more rather than demand that they be fixed. There is no need for me to fix you, since you aren’t broken. You do not need me to fix your problems because they are simply a matter of perspective that needs a shift. I’m here to invite you to play differently than you did just a moment ago.

I know what it’s like to be in a state of feeling hopeless, broke and afraid and why I would keep experiencing similar experiences over and over again.n I made a commitment to a lifestyle of “The Law of Assumption” to take control over my states of consciousness which I have accepted as dictating our physical experiences, relationships and environment around us. Accepting we are the creators of our own lives and accepting we are free to choose what we assume true at any given moment has allowed us to break through these not so lovely patterns and get back to living the life we both truly desire.

Today, I invite you who are noticing states wrapped in doubt to learning how simple and easy it can be to shift to a new state of consciousness filled with love, ease and effortlessness.

I’ve made it my mission to help people simply apply Neville’s teachings so they find clarity in the application every human being is utilizing right now, The Wonderful Human Imagination through The Law of Assumption.

If you desire the top 3, love, wealth and/or health or the infinite dreams in between but notice you get stuck on HOW, I invite you to navigate this Facebook Community with Infinite Curiosity and assume “it’s all yours for the taking.”

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