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Definition of States of Consciousness and 5 Simple Steps

Written by Jen Miller

September 1, 2023

To anyone who has heard of Neville they are well aware of “state of consciousness.”

Do you know what “state of consciousness” means? From Neville’s Lecture “Three Propositions” from 1954 we can find his definition.

“Most of us do not even know what we mean by state of consciousness. To those who are here for the first time it is simply meant by state of consciousness, the sum total of all that a man believes and accepts and consents to as true.“ ~NG, Three Propositions, 1954

Did you know every moment you physically experience is a state of consciousness you assumed to be true at some point imaginally prior to it happening, regardless if you sleeping or awake? Amazing, isn’t it?

The moments as a student in a classroom

The moments as a teacher in a classroom

The moments shared with a lover

The moments shared by yourself

The moments shared spending

The moments shared investing

The moments shared blaming

The moments shared accepting

The ice cream cone you lick

The glass of wine you savor

The nights of drunken love

The nights of sober shame

All moments reflect you As God experiencing what you came here to experience, Infinite States.

Abdullah, Neville’s mentor said, “Neville, you must first start with self. Find self, don’t be ashamed ever of the being you are. Discover it and start the changing of that self.” ~NG, Changing the Feeling of I , 1953

You are here as you have awakened to this simple conscious truth of I Am, from a state of sleepiness. Let’s explore and expand together, shall we?

Upon studying and experiencing Neville’s work within my own life I have discovered 5 Simple Steps that Neville shares with us consistently throughout his lectures. These 5 Simple Steps I like to call:

“The Simple Conscious Living Technique – 5 Simple Steps”

1) Notice

2) Discover

3) Accept

4) Forget

5) Assume a Different Fulfilled End

This blog serves as only an introduction. Keep an eye on your inbox for this “Simple Conscious Living” Blog post series and also in the Jen Miller Coaching, Bi-Weekly Newsletter. The upcoming blog and newsletters I will be exploring each step above.

Have fun exploring the depths of You as The Infinite, I Am. Remember the state of consciousness you assume to be true is what directs everything in the physical world. If the physical world is not ideal, AS GOD, AS THE CREATOR, you have the keys to shift within, consciously.

Stay tuned for so much more as we explore in the upcoming weeks “The Simple Conscious Living Technique – 5 Simple Steps.”

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