5 Step “Simple Conscious Living Technique” Step 1: Notice

Written by Jen Miller

September 28, 2023

In 2018, I invested $38,000 in a business coach. It’s with gratitude that I acknowledge her for playing her part of introducing me to a teaching that undeniably transformed my life. During one of our weekly group calls, she candidly remarked, “Jen, I know your problem.”

Eagerly, I responded, “Please, enlighten me.”

“You’re not living from the end. Once you live from the end you will notice a massive shift in your world,” she advised, matter-of-factly.

Puzzled yet intrigued, I inquired, “Could you elaborate? I’m not entirely sure I understand.”

“Jen, read, ‘Your Inner Conversations are Creating Your World,’ a compilation of Neville Goddard’s lectures. It will shed light on what I mean.”

Receiving the recommended book was a revelation. Neville Goddard’s teachings on The Law of Assumption and The Promise addressed my lifelong questions about identity, life’s workings, and the nature of God. Unlike my church, which couldn’t provide these answers, Neville’s insights offered the clarity I longed for. This pursuit was never about doubting, but about seeking a profound understanding beyond Sunday sermons.

In the last JMC Blog from September 1, 2023, readers were introduced to Jen’s 5 Simple Step application of The Law of Assumption.

“The Simple Conscious Living Technique – 5 Simple Steps”

1) Notice

2) Discover

3) Accept

4) Forget

5) Assume a Different Fulfilled End

This week we will explore Step 1: Notice You must first become aware and notice an urge of desire before you can shift to a different state. This Awareness, NOTICING (Step 1) kickstarts everything.

I invite you to notice, “Where you are right now?” Just stop and notice the world around you physically. The entire physical moment is a reflection of an assumption you assumed true.

Ask yourself, Is your desire different from what you are noticing round about you (AKA physical world)?

** The answer should be ABSOLUTELY because the physical world is only an echo of a previous state you assumed before this moment was physically experienced.

What do you truly desire? Who do you desire to become from within?

What are you doing about it?

Are you “thinking of” more than practicing SATS and feeling from within as the man you desire to become?

I invite you to play with this very first Step 1: Notice just as explained here. Every single moment is a moment you get to assume something different.

We are reminded in Neville’s 1970 lecture, “He is Dreaming Now

“You are the animating power of everything in the world. Now you are acquiring a keyboard. Now you are acquiring a keyboard. And you think of that chromatic scale, and suppose you could only play it in one direction, and would not miss one measure? It’s all you can do. And then one day you discover you don’t have to go on this way forever – you can jump. Or you can go back in time, and your fingers can split and you can hit two notes together. Sounds like the devil but you can learn to still hit another one that sounds harmonious. And one day you become so proficient that you hit a note and though it’s a discord, you learn how to resolve it. You can produce it and being it into a dissonance. And you become the most expert on this keyboard.

Well now, think of life, 6,000 years of experiences and you are the artist now, and what you being out, out of that fabulous keyboard . . . and then you bring it out and you want it to exist for itself and not only for you. So, instead of playing on it forever and having all these things come out, these glorious things existing only for you and not for themselves, you do the same thing that God did for you. “So unless I die Thou canst not live, but if I die I shall arise again and Thou with Me. And you give yourself to your own creation that it may exist for itself and not only for you.

Neville Goddard, “He Is Dreaming Now

Simply take the time to notice YOU, right NOW.

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