1:1 Coaching

Discover the Power of Desire-Driven Coaching!

Coaching isn’t a necessity; it’s a desire you hold within. If you’re seeking
meaningful conversations with a like-minded individual who embraces Neville’s
teachings and lives the I AM lifestyle, now is your chance!

Give yourself the green light to experience a 1:1 coaching call with me, Jen Miller,
Your Conscious Mentor. Let’s connect and explore the realm of possibilities

How to Book a 1:1 Coaching Session

1) Scroll Down and Decide the length of session you desire.
2) Click on the desired day and select a suitable time.
3) Complete Payment
4) Check email you shared for the confirmation along with the Zoom link from

*NOTE: If a time and day is not available, no worries it can certainly to rescheduled
and set up for a time that works for both you and Jen.