“When you accept Consciousness is the only Reality, you start to realize Desires have no priority or size.”

Jen Miller, Your Consciousness Mentor

Welcome to Jen’s Programs page. You can find information about Jen’s current programs that still have openings, as well as information about new programs launching on the dates listed.  Below is more information about each program.  Mentoring styles vary by program, including group mentoring and/or one-on-one mentoring. Be sure to read the program descriptions carefully before enrolling.

Currently Running Programs

Explore Neville Lecture Series (ENLS)

Various enrollment options ~ see below

Would you like to learn more about Neville Goddard’s teachings?  Have you ever wanted to know more about what Neville referred to in his lectures but didn’t know who to contact?  Enroll today for Jen Miller’s Explore Neville Lecture Series (ENLS), where she reads one Neville lecture per month and analyzes key points.   Each discussion will include the reading of the monthly lecture with all participants to gain depth and more play. Each discussion, participants are encouraged to ask questions, share their own interpretations and insights.

ENLS discussions takes place the last Sunday of each month unless otherwise noted from 9-11 am EST (New York Time Zone). 

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See Schedule Below:

There is no better way to expand your knowledge and perspective of Law of Assumption than to explore Neville’s lectures in an intimate setting with other Neville enthusiasts.  

Looking forward to exploring with YOU!

Explore Neville Lecture Series (ENLS) Enrollment Options

Upcoming Programs

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