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My sense of awakening and awareness of “truth” went back to a time when I was a child, and many of the answers I found throughout most of my life were revealed to me in 2018 when a business mentor of mine, a woman of great wisdom and inward beauty, stated to me, “Jen, I know what you are missing. You don’t live in the end of what you want.”

My response, “I don’t know what you mean.”

My mentor replied, “Get this book, “Your Inner Conversations Are Creating Your World: A Collection of Imagination and Self-Talk” Includes 16 Lectures and Neville’s 1948 Lessons” and read it every single day.”

The order was placed.

My book arrived a few days later, and of course I started reading it. This gentleman by the name of Neville Goddard astounded me by what he revealed to me.

Neville answered questions I had since I was nine years old.  Questions like “Who am I?” and “How do things in this world work?”  Once I learned the answers to these questions, I realized that I was now free of pointing the finger at anything external and free of blaming anything external. Now I had the answers, and now I could explore ME as Consciousness further.  

My life has been a creation of my own. This knowledge and acceptance has allowed me to appreciate every single moment of my life.  Nevertheless, I have learned over the last 4 years how to take my desires and manifest them with ease, most lovingly, with the least effort.  I have gone from medication free, to no more ADHD labels, to forgiving old relationships, developing new relationships across this world, to abundance of money, to a growing coaching/mentoring business, to moments of healing my children, to teaching them about the power of Imagination.  There are many more things I could say.

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