Other Products

It’s a pleasure to welcome you to Jen’s “Other Products” Page. You can find other products Jen has organized here. Some may have already been prerecorded from live events, while others are PDFs. Variety is offered. In addition to exploring these products at your leisure, you may also learn more about Neville’s work and the depths of YOU, the infinite, I AM, by yourself.

Please be sure to read each description prior to investing. Allow 48 hours to receive your invested product via email.

Explore Neville Lecture Series (ENLS) – Products

Explore Neville Lecture Series – Products derive from Jen’s monthly program called Explore Neville Lecture Series (ENLS) which was created 2 years ago from a testing of an idea. Exploring Neville’s lectures has had and continues to have great impact in Jen’s life and all participants. Studying Neville’s lectures offer an invitation to commit to living every moment “The Law of Assumption” lifestyle line by line, paragraph by paragraph.  

Jen tested the idea of ENLS through the reading of lectures/books and discussing it along the way with anyone who was interested in joining. IT WAS A HIT! This went from a free test run to a paid monthly or annual ENLS Program. Browse the ENLS – Products below for a variety, including the featured lecture PDF, the study guide, recordings of 2-3 hour calls and other bonuses. 

Recorded Masterclasses – Products

Recorded Masterclasses – Products derived from Jen’s study of “The Law of Assumption” and Neville’s writing.  These masterclasses generally cover, but are not limited to what Jen believes to be the foundation of the application of The Law.   Her knowledge base is derived from her continuous engagement with her Neville-based mentor, who is so much more than a mentor, a true friend, learning from Neville’s work every day and applying it immediately. 

Masterclasses can vary on length of time from a single day to 7 days or longer. Masterclasses style, typically include a video recording via Zoom, Jen Miller, Your Consciousness Mentor teaching from a slide presentation. Participants are there to learn the topic of the Masterclass.

If you are interested in any of the Masterclasses below, don’t hesitate to purchase a copy when you are ready.

“The First Principle” Masterclass Recordings

Despite knowing Neville’s teachings, do you find yourself playing with “DOUBT?” Maybe you have heard about “The First Principle” and want to learn more. The First Principle forms the basis of The Law’s application. You are well aware that you are ready to manifest your desires with LOVE, EASE, and EFFORTLESSNESS. Join Jen Miller as she explores “The First Principle” in her “3 Day – First Principle” Masterclass. 

“Self Observation” Masterclass Recordings

Have you ever noticed how you handle yourself? Self-observation: critical or uncritical? Another foundation of The Law is self-observation. It’s time to manifest your desires with LOVE, EASE, and EFFORTLESSNESS. Join Jen Miller as she explores “Self-Observation” in her “3 Day – Self-Observation” Masterclass.